But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,that you
may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
(1 Peter 2: 9)

Declaration of Laudium

The Declaration of Laudium was adopted during the meeting of the Sixth Synod of the Reformed Church in Africa in October 1990. The Declaration marks the resolve of the Reformed Church in Africa to maintain its evangelical character.


We affirm that the biblical Gospel is God’s enduring message to our world and we determine to defend, proclaim, and embody it.

We affirm our commitment to the primacy of evangelism, of the preaching of the Gospel to every creature. We affirm that evangelism is not an option but an imperative.

We affirm that men are born in sin and guilty and lost without Christ and totally depraved.

We affirm that other religions and ideologies are not alternative paths to God, and that there is no other name given among men whereby we can be saved but the name Jesus.

We reject as derogatory to Christ and the Gospel every kind of syncretism and dialogue that implies that Christ speaks equally through other religions and ideologies. To proclaim Jesus as the Saviour of the world is not to affirm that all men are either automatically or ultimately saved.


We affirm that the Holy Spirit’s witness to Christ is indispensable to evangelism and that without his supernatural work the new birth and the new life, evangelism is not possible and all our endeavours fruitless.

We affirm that we who proclaim the Gospel must exemplify it in a life of holiness and love, otherwise out testimony loses it’s credibility.

We affirm the constant need for revival and determine to seek God’s face for revival in our lives, in the life of the RCA and in the Church of South Africa at large.

We affirm that nothing commends the Gospel more eloquently than a transformed life and that nothing brings it into more disrepute than personal inconsistency.

We determine to live worthy the gospel of Christ.



We affirm that the congregation of believers should turn itself outwards to its local community in evangelistic witness and compassionate service. We affirm that God has committed the whole Gospel to the whole Church and to every member the task of making Christ known throughout the world.

We long to see all lay and ordained persons mobilized and trained for the task. We determine to proclaim the Gospel faithfully, urgently, passionately, and sacrificially until He comes.

We affirm that we must demonstrate God’s love visibly by caring for those who are deprived of justice, dignity, food, and shelter.

We affirm that governments, religious bodies, and nations will continue to be involved with social responsibilities, but should the church fall in her mandate to preach the Gospel, no other body will do so.



We affirm our God-given unity at the deepest level with all born again blood washed believers. We determine to foster such unity across all denominational boundaries. In the immediate circle of our church we will foster structural unity with those who share the same confession, provided that such structural unity will not stifle the evangelical witness of the Reformed Church in Africa.

We affirm that we who proclaim that we are members of the Body of Christ must transcend within the church the barriers of race, gender, and class.

We affirm that racism within the church constitutes a denial of the Gospel and a deterrent to evangelistic witness.



We affirm that the proclamation of God’s kingdom of justice, peace and holiness demands the denunciation of all injustice, oppression, and immorality. We will not shrink from this prophetic witness.

We affirm the freedom in Christ of the Church of Jesus Christ and refuse the alignment of the church to any ideology or current political trend, power, or movement.

We affirm our solidarity with those who suffer for the Gospel and will seek to prepare ourselves for the same possibility.

We affirm the right of the believer to conscientious objection. In our demonstration and witness against evil we determine not to use carnal weapons but to act in the Spirit of Christ and through spiritual warfare and constant prayer enter into Christ’s victory over the principalities and powers of evil.